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Kimetsu no Yaiba Exhibition Collaboration Cafe

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六本木ヒルズのカフェThe SUNにて『鬼滅の刃展』のコラボカフェのデザインを行いました。

We designed a collaboration cafe for the "Blade of the Demon" exhibition at Cafe The SUN in Roppongi Hills.
The design is based on the color "wisteria," extracted from the wisteria flower, a symbol of peace and tranquility seen in the manga, in a Japanese style. The randomly placed manga panels will appear as if they are memories of the manga readers (= visitors) fighting with the main characters, and will have the effect of spreading the sense of immersion inherited from the exhibition to the cafe.


Design: K.Shibakuki, M.Yamate
Photo: R.Isogai