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Shibuya109 Logo Contest

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In the summer of 2018, a new logo for Shibuya 109 was put out to the public. Although it was not selected, we're giving you a special look at our proposed logo.
At first glance, the logo is just three mysterious icons in a row. It's actually part of the 109's identity as a cylinder, cut out to mean a 1, a 0 and a 9 in their respective interpretations. Do you know what this logo means? It's a mysterious logotype that makes you want to share it with someone else. It's a secret message to young people that identity is made up of many different personalities. The logotype, on the other hand, was designed to be easy to understand and read by anyone in today's world, considering the variety of media available. We have kept the same font and color scheme as in the past, but have updated the legacy of 109 for the future. The logo of an institution that will become the face of Japan and the face of Shibuya should be something that updates the legacy and excites the young people who will carry the next generation.

Design: K.Shibakuki